About us

MEPCO is a full-service wholesale travel and event solutions organization that serves both business and leisure clients who require professional and efficient entity for their outbound and inbound logistics for Travel,Tourism,Conferences and Event Management besides customized counseling requirements for B2B sector.

It was founded in 2010 in Egypt and has quickly grown to become a leading company in the region and a major player in the global travel and tourism sector.

MEPCO become an exclusive representative of NBH Tours, UAE since the first quarter of 2020 besides our upcoming offices Tunisia and South Korea.

Our company is treasured with Experienced, Professional and Highly Qualified Key Members in our team, MEPCO main pillar is the years of experience build by each member combined with the youthful enthusiasm and creative spirit of it’s top managements ,we are professional in exploring the in-depth knowledge of the products and service from the bottom of the market needs.

Our aim is exceeding our clients level of satisfaction, to fulfill our main aim, MEPCO succeeded in establishing excellent cooperation & relationships with several international organizations and suppliers worldwide.

We believe that MEPCO’s  sustainability is mainly linked to its members’ believe in the fundamental corporate values armed with the innovative technology, superior quality and friendly services.



Calling Our Clients .., Our Partners,

MEPCO is client oriented organization, we believe that centering our clients is our main secret of success.

Excellency and Quality are our company main roots that succeed in flourishing leaves of specialty and professionalism in the local and global market.


Our vision is a picture of our future”

Being Globally Positioned as customized leader in inspiriting hidden requirements and needs of our clients in different industry sectors.

Strong unchallenged provider for all inbound and outbound logistics in Travel,Tourism,Conferences and Event management with our counseling and guidance soul.


                                     “Stay Focused and invade the Market Roadmap….”

We are diversifying our business to create unique company portfolio of customized services and products targeting to exceed our clients level of satisfaction also moving away from the reliance on the traditional borders of the industry to new Era of innovation.

Our core believe, MEPCO main asset is represented in its employees. One of our main concerns is developing the best environment to support our members creative spirit and high level of cooperation to reach our aim of exceeding our clients level of satisfaction.